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Here you can find all the details about our access conditions, courses, events and prices. We also have a FAQ section to answer any questions you may have. Check out the timetable to see the schedule of our weekly courses.

Access conditions

Access to free climbing is granted from the age of 14 onwards. Under the age of 14, access is only granted under supervision of an adult. Every client needs to sign a safety declaration - application and accept our membership safety regulations before being granted access to the climbing wall and bouldering area, a legal guardian must sign in minors. Climbing on ropes requires practice and experience in climbing safety techniques. If a customer does not have this practice, he can climb in the bouldering room or can book an introductory course in rope climbing. For security reasons, surveillance cameras are installed in the store, the schooling room and in the bouldering area.

Conditions of use and terms of practice

Courses + Events information

General information for all courses and events

We don't organize courses or events on Sundays and public holidays. All activities except team-building need to be booked in advance via our online booking form. No bookings can be done in the climbing hall. Bookings can be made from 60 to 4 days prior to the event (except for 30 weekly courses and summer camps: 120 days to 1 day in advance). All necessary equipment (except for optional climbing shoes, which you can hire for a 3€ fee) is included in the price. Please do not forget to bring sports clothes and trainers. Any changes or postponement (a €12 fee applies, except for groups) of an event or course must be confirmed via email. Right of withdrawal: the law does not allow for a right of withdrawal after booking a course or event ( Please find more detailed information on how to proceed if you wish to book any of the previous activities, hereafter and in the booking form.

Trial sessions (every 4th Saturday)

Price: 20€ per person,  due at the time of booking. One hour of supervised climbing for beginners every 4th Saturday. You can make your first climbing experiences here. For example in order to possibly take part in another course.

Initiation courses beginners (every 4th Saturday)

A 30€ fee is due at the time of booking by each participant. You book places in a group training. 2-hour sessions for groups of complete beginners are organised at the centre every 4th Saturday. In this one-time course, you will be taught how to use the climbing equipment safely as well as how to belay correctly, in order to climb autonomously with ropes.

30 weekly courses (September-June)

The courses start one week after the beginning of the school year in September. There are no weekly courses during school holidays and public holidays. The courses comprise 30 units of 90 minutes each. In every course, climbers are coached according to their abilities and experience. Age categories: 6-8 / 9-12 / 13-17 / 18+. Children five years old and turning 6 in the next months and with accurate physical shape can participate in the 6-8 category. Children 14+ can be registered with their parents in the adults category. The price is 540€ for 30 courses of 1,5 hours. We apply discount on registrations for 2nd, 3rd and 4th person (parent/child) of the same family, also if they are not in the same course; or for the 2nd, 3rd course of the same person. The registration for the 30 weekly courses is ending the day after the courses begin. Reservations are still possible for the remaining courses, unless the maximum number of participants has been reached. Please inquire via our contact form to find out if vacancies are still available. Subsequent registration costs 12€. We don't keep a waiting list and reservations without payment are not possible. In case of absence to several courses, a medical certificate of minimum 1 month has to be submitted to get a credit on your account in the gym. Customers attending a weekly course receive 10% off all items and 15% off climbing shoes in our RockShop store.

Birthday parties (on Saturdays)

For groups of 1 to maximum 10 children of minimum 6 years old coached by one of our qualified, experienced instructors. If the group is exceeding 10 climbers, please mail us to arrange a double event at the same time. A starting price of 120€ is due at the time of booking plus 18€ per child to be paid at the climbing centre on the day of the event. Please book the slot under one and the same name. 2-hour fun climbing sessions coached by our experienced RedRock Climbing Center instructors on Saturday afternoons. Access to the climbing centre is only granted during the time of the event for safety and insurance reasons. Only the parents organizing the event are authorized to be present in the climbing rooms. Once the climbing activity is over, you can stay until 7pm in our cafeteria and the children are under the accompanying adults’ sole responsibility. Food and drinks have to be ordered at the bar. You can call during opening hours to find out about the available dishes, we don't have a written menu, because the homemade food is changing regularly. You can bring your own birthday cake and eat it in our restaurant area before or after the activity. Plates and cutlery will be provided free of charge to avoid unnecessary plastic pollution. Birthday invitations can be obtained at the reception of our climbing centre or downloaded here: Documents.

10 weekly boulder courses (by quarter)
The courses start in September, in December and March. There are no weekly courses during school and public holidays. Age category: 13+. The price is 120€ for 10 courses of 1 hour. You can book by quarter. The registration for the 10 weekly boulder courses is ending the day after the courses begin. Reservations are still possible for the remaining courses, unless the maximum number of participants has been reached. Please ask via mail. Subsequent registration costs 12 €. You find more specific explanations for each course in the booking form. In case of absence to several courses, a medical certificate of minimum 1 month has to be submitted to get a credit on your account in the gym. We don't keep a waiting list and reservations without payment are not possible.
Personal coachings > basic / improvement / lead (Tuesday, Saturday)

We offer sessions tailored to your requirements: beginner for basic safety training, top rope improvement ,lead climbing for experienced climbers or bouldering.

Lead climbing initiation: depending on your skills, you will probably need 2 or more courses. Only book the first course to begin with, more courses can be booked after evaluation and discussion with the instructor.

A 120€ fee is due at the time of booking for one or two people per session. More persons can join and each additional climber pays 30€ at the desk in the center. You book a two-hour session. Please book the slot under one and the same name for all participants.

Summer camps (mid-July)

150 € per child to pay as deposit. For children 8-17 years old. 5 mornings of activities linked to climbing for beginners and confirmed during 3 hours. Meals can be arranged at the climbing hall.

Autumn camp (all saints holidays)

For children 6-14 years old. 160 € per child for 4  mornings of activities linked to climbing for beginners and confirmed during 3 hours. Meals can be arranged at the climbing hall.


For schools, day care centres, scouts, etc. The minimum age is 6 years. A 120€ fee is due for the instructor (2 hours). An entry price is added per climber: < 12 years: 10€; 13-17 years: 12€; 18+: 15€. The total has to be paid on site or will be billed to the client. Purchase orders of communal administrations are accepted. Please book the slot under one and the same name for all participants. Groups may comprise up to 16 climbers per instructor, a 120€ fee is due for every additional instructor. If there will be more than 16 climbers, you have to book a second group at the same time (possible on wednesday mornings). If you wish to have a meal at the climbing centre, please let us know at the time of booking. Free cancellation up to two days before. The amount of €120 will be charged in the case of bookings that are not honoured.

Team-building sessions

You wish to build a dynamic team, promote self-confidence and performance at the heart of your company? Why not promote teamwork and team-bonding as well as improve confidence to reach higher goals in a team-building session coached by our professional staff? At RedRock we offer great infrastructure with a separate climbing hall for beginners to help newcomers learn basic climbing skills before moving on to the 15-metre-tall central hall for the truly brave, not to forget our cafeteria where you can enjoy a drink and a meal in a cosy atmosphere. Please contact us via our contact form. Our friendly team will be pleased to offer you a range of activities tailored to fit your needs and requirements. The price is 120€ per instructor for two hours per group of 16 climbers plus 22€ per participant.


Weekly courses 09/2023 - 06/2024
6 - 8 beginner
15:00 - 16:30
15:00 - 16:30
09:30 - 11:00
6 - 8 advanced
11:00 - 12:30
9 - 12 beginner
16:30 - 18:00
16:30 - 18:00
09:30 - 11:00
9 - 12 advanced
16:30 - 18:00
18:00 - 19:30
11:00 - 12:30
9+ competition + advanced
18:00 - 19:30
18:00 - 19:30
13+ Boulder beginner-advanced (3x10 courses)
17:00 - 18:00
13 - 17 beginner-advanced
17:00 - 18:30
18:00 - 19:30
13 - 17 advanced
16:30 - 18:00
13 - 17 lead
18:00 - 19:30
18+ beginner-advanced
19:30 - 21:00
18:30 - 20:00
18+ lead
19:30 - 21:00
19:30 - 21:00
First course
Last course





Entry prices

Rope climbing + Boulder

  • 1 Entry 15 €
  • 11 Entries 150 €
  • 50 Entries 610 €
  • 1 Month 88 €
  • 6 Months 434 €
  • 12 Months 659 €

Only Boulder

  • 1 Entry 10 €
  • 11 Entries 100 €
  • 50 Entries 410 €
  • 1 Month 59 €
  • 6 Months 290 €
  • 12 Months 440 €

Rope climbing + Boulder

  • 1 Entry 12 €
  • 11 Entries 120 €
  • 50 Entries 514 €
  • 1 Month 75 €
  • 6 Months 357 €
  • 12 Months 535 €

Only Boulder

  • 1 Entry 8 €
  • 11 Entries 80 €
  • 50 Units 350 €
  • 1 Month 49 €
  • 6 Months 240 €
  • 12 Months 380 €

Rope climbing + Boulder

  • 1 Entry 10 €
  • 11 Entries 100 €
  • 50 Entries 434 €
  • 1 Month 65 €
  • 6 Months 289 €
  • 12 Months 455 €

Only Boulder

  • 1 Entry 6 €
  • 11 Entries 60 €
  • 50 Entries 290 €
  • 1 Month 39 €
  • 6 Months 190 €
  • 12 Months 310 €

Rental equipment

  • Harness 2 €
  • Chalkbag/Liquid chalk 2 €
  • Shoes 3 €
  • Rope 3 €
  • Belaying device + carabiner 3 €
  • Assisted-braking resistor 4 €


Are subscription cards personal?

The monthly, semi-annual or annual cards are non transferable and can only be used by their rightful owner. Cards with 11 or 50 units can be shared with climbers of the same age category and do not expire.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we do! So if you would like to make a climber happy, simply order a gift card via our booking form. The voucher will be emailed to you as a PDF.

Do you offer discounts in your shop for regular customers?

Customers attending a weekly course or in possession of an annual membership card benefit from a 10 % discount on all items and a 15% discount on all climbing shoes purchased in our RockShop store.

Where can I find the Birthday party invitations?

You find can find the Birthday party invitations here:

What is the difference between Red Rock Climbing Center and SC Zolwer (Sport Climbing Zolwer)?

The RedRock Climbing Center is a private company that both owns and manages the climbing center (the climbing hall, the climbing shop and the cafeteria). It offers climbing courses and other climbing-related activities.

The SC Zolwer is a non-profit climbing club, which has its base at the RedRock Climbing Center and is affiliated to the FLERA (Fédération Luxembourgeoise d’Escalade, de Randonnée Sportive et d’Alpinisme). The club was created by a group of passionate climbers, who voluntarily organise climbing activities for members of the SCZ.

Is there a time limit for a climbing session?

There is no time limit for an independent climbing session during the same day.

Do you have changing rooms and showers?

Yes, we do provide changing rooms and shower facilities for your convenience.

RedRock Climbing Center I 12, Rue Jean Anen L-4413 Soleuvre
Tel: +352 26 59 08 79 (during opening hours)
Mail: See contact form

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