We don't organize courses or events on Sundays








Birthdays, climbing courses for complete beginners, private climbing sessions and sessions for groups, summer camps and the 30 weekly courses need to be booked in advance via our online booking form. Please find more detailed information on how to proceed if you wish to book any of the previous activities, hereafter.

For all sessions and events
We don't organize courses or events on Sundays. Bookings can be made from 4 to 60 days prior to the event (except for 30 weekly courses and summer camps: 1 to 120 days). Any cancellation (10 to 20% fee, except for groups) or postponement must be confirmed via email. All necessary equipment (except for climbing shoes, renting for a 3€ fee) is included in the price. Please do not forget to bring sports clothes and shoes.

30 weekly courses
The courses start one week after the beginning of the school year in September. There are no courses during school holidays and public holidays. The price is 540€ for 30 courses of 1,5 hours. You find more specific explanations for each course in the booking form. The registrations will go online by the end of May.

Birthday parties
For groups of up to maximum 10 children of minimum 6 years old coached by one of our qualified, experienced instructors. A starting price of 100€ is due at the time of booking plus 16€ per child to be paid at the climbing centre on the day of the event. Please book the entire slot under one and the same name. 2-hour fun climbing sessions coached by our experienced RedRock Climbing Center instructors on Saturday afternoons. Access to the climbing centre is only granted during the time of the event for safety and insurance reasons. Once the climbing activity is over, you can stay as long as you wish and the children are under the accompanying adults’ sole responsibility. Food and drinks have to be ordered at the bar in our cafeteria (you can call during opening hours to find out about the menus). You can bring your own birthday cake and eat it in our restaurant area. Plates and cutlery will be provided free of charge to avoid unnecessary plastic pollution. Birthday invitations can be obtained at the reception of our climbing centre. If you want to hire a clown to entertain the children, please contact Mr. Yannick Hireche at telephone number 691874960.

Initiation courses for beginners
A 30€ fee is due at the time of booking by each participant. You book places in a group training. 2-hour sessions for groups of complete beginners are organised at the centre every 4th Saturday. You will be taught how to use the climbing equipment safely as well as how to belay correctly.

Private sessions
A 100€ fee is due at the time of booking for one or two people per session. More persons can join and each additional climber pays 30€ at the desk in the center. You book a two-hour session, we offer sessions tailored to your requirements: beginner for basic safety training, toprope improvement or lead climbing for experienced climbers. Please book the entire slot under one and the same name for all participants. For the lead climbing there will be 2 to 3 courses and you book the first course. Course number 2 and 3 will be arranged at the centre with your instructor and can be booked after the first course.

Summer camps
135 € per child to pay as deposit. For children 8-12 and 13-18 years old. 5 mornings of activities linked to climbing for beginners and confirmed during 3 hours. Meals can be arranged at the climbing hall.

For schools, day care centres, scouts, etc. The minimum age is 6 years. A 100€ fee is due plus 9,5 to 14 € per climber (prices vary according to age) to be paid on site or billed to client. Please book the entire slot under one and the same name for all participants. Groups may comprise up to 14 people per instructor, a 100€ fee is due for every additional instructor. If there will be more than 14 climbers, you have to book a second group at the same time (possible on wednesday mornings). If you wish to have a meal at the climbing centre, please let us know at the time of booking.

Team-building sessions
You wish to build a dynamic team, promote self-confidence and performance at the heart of your company? Why not promote teamwork and team-bonding as well as improve confidence to reach higher goals in a team-building session coached by our professional staff? At RedRock we offer great infrastructure with a separate climbing hall for beginners to help newcomers learn basic climbing skills before moving on to the 15-metre-tall central hall for the truly brave, not to forget our cafeteria where you can enjoy a drink and a meal in a cosy atmosphere. Please send your enquiry to Our friendly team will be pleased to offer you a range of activities tailored to fit your needs and requirements.